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About Us

we provide unique solutions to asset management with an emphasis on downside protection

AI Modeling

Through strategic partnerships with third-party investment managers, Wealth Watch Advisors is now able to offer Artificial Intelligence Modeling direct to consumers. Our goal is to remove as much emotion from the investment process as possible, thus greatly increasing our clients’ probability of long-term success.

Monitoring & Communication

The number one reason why clients are dissatisfied with their advisor is due to a lack of communication.  At Wealth Watch Advisors, we employ patented, award-winning technology that allows our advisors to provide a superior level of account monitoring and ongoing communication that we believe clients deserve.

Proper Asset Allocation

A solid investment foundation all starts with proper asset allocation.  At Wealth Watch Advisors, we use industry leading assessment tools to ensure that our clients are invested in portfolios that match their comfort level as it pertains to risk & reward.  With proper allocations, we believe our clients will stay the course and increase the likelihood of investment success.

Who is Wealth Watch Advisors?

Wealth Watch Advisors is a discretionary, fee-based money management firm providing financial guidance services to clients through our nationwide network of Investment Advisory Representatives and Registered Investment Advisory Firms.  With so many things dependent on the health of your finances, it’s vital to work with a financial professional who can help you make the right investment choices and who can implement a plan to help you accomplish your goals.


At Wealth Watch Advisors, our commitment is to develop and implement financial strategies customized to meet the specific and personal goals of our clients.  Our solutions are unique, in that they have an emphasis on downside protection and risk mitigation.  Through customized strategies and a focus on consistent client/advisor communications, our goal is to help our clients overcome many of the typical obstacles to proper planning, and achieve greater success with their investments.

Why Choose Wealth Watch Advisors?

Professional Money Management

Many investors feel as if they are qualified to manage their own portfolios by correctly timing the market. After all, there are hundreds of books, videos and guides instructing the average individual on how to master the art of buying and selling at the right time. Many investors try to accomplish this in addition to working 40 to 50 hours per week in their trade. The reality, however, is that investing for retirement should not be treated as an afterthought or a hobby. Trying to time the market and following “get rich” schemes can be very dangerous. At Wealth Watch Advisors, we believe that relying on a professional money management firm with sound financial principles should produce far superior results with much less stress and anxiety.

Financial Plan

When it comes to investing for your future, the best place to start is by creating a plan. A well-rounded financial plan is so much more than just saving money for retirement. It allows you to identify and mitigate possible vulnerabilities to your overall success. By working with a professional planner at Wealth Watch Advisors, you can rest assured that no matter what obstacle life throws at you, your financial plan will include a strategy to overcome it. Here is a short list of some common life events that your financial plan should include contingencies for:
• Job changes / Layoffs
• Marriage
• Children / College Planning
• Disability
• Premature death
• Divorce
• Retirement
• Unexpected medical bills
• Moving
• Assisted living / Nursing home
• Inheritance


Everyone has heard the old adage…”don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. The truth is that many Americans are inadvertently putting the majority of their investments in one, or a few, financial baskets through fund “overlap” or sector “overweighting”. To create true diversification, investors must be sure that they are spreading risk across many sectors of the markets and not just assume that their fund manager is doing it for them. At Wealth Watch Advisors, we focus on true diversification by spreading investments among:
• Industry Type
• Asset Class
• Strategy Focus
• Global Markets

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