When it comes to investing in your Future...

The best place to start is by creating a plan. A well-rounded financial plan is so much more than just saving money for retirement. It allows you to identify and mitigate possible vulnerabilities to your overall success. Developing such a plan begins with examining your Total Financial Picture. These are the main areas that you and your advisor should be focusing on. The components of your Total Financial Picture include:

  • Current income & expenses
  • Debt, net worth & emergency cash
  • Protecting against life events such as:
    Job-loss, divorce, disability, unexpected medical expenses and death
  • Protecting against market down-turns, inflation & potential tax increases
  • Evaluating income and expenses in retirement
  • Coordinating with Social Security and other pensions
  • Growing and protecting retirement assets
  • Planning for inflation, potential tax increases & medical expenses
  • Ensuring that your estate will pass to beneficiaries with the least amount of hassle
  • Minimizing the affect of taxes as you pass assets to heirs
  • Planning a Legacy that lasts for generations
  • Minimizing Federal, State & Municipal taxes
  • Implementing tax-favored investments
  • Determine comfort levels with risk
  • Designing a well-diversified portfolio with added layers of safety
  • Monitoring investments daily to mitigate losses and maintain proper allocations

Designing a

Well-Rounded Financial Plan

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